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China's high-speed rail is so powerful, but it can't do without Japan never loosening the nut? Is the truth really like this?

Nowadays, China's high-speed rail can be said to be the pride of China's manufacturing industry. Its strength reflects the strength of China's comprehensive strength. But now there are some rumors circulating on the Internet. For example, although China's high-speed rail is so powerful, it can lead the world, but let Japan use one The small nut got stuck in the neck. Some people claimed that China's high-speed rail still uses a large number of Japanese non-loose nuts. This kind of parts cannot be produced in China. Is this really the case?
In fact, this rumor is half right. When China's high-speed rail business just started more than ten years ago, a large number of nuts from Japan were indeed used. However, this is not the case now. China has already overcome this technology several years ago. Many new high-speed railways now use Chinese nuts. The days when Japanese nuts monopolized China's high-speed railways have passed a few years ago.

The anti-drop nut was invented in Japan at the very beginning. For a long time, a Japanese company monopolized more than 45% of the world's anti-drop nut. The market share of high-end nuts in the market reached 80%. China's high-speed rail business started in ten. A few years ago, China did import a large number of anti-drop nuts from Japan for the construction of high-speed railway tracks. They are still installed on China's high-speed railway tracks and have become the origin of these rumors on the Internet, but now the situation has changed. Japan's monopoly in the field of anti-drop nuts has been broken by China.

In fact, China has also realized the danger of anti-drop nut being controlled by people very early, so it began to organize domestic companies to develop their own products, and relying on strong manufacturing strength and scientific and technological capabilities, Chinese companies successfully developed domestic products in only two years. The performance of the anti-dropping nut is comparable to that of Japan. It is also stronger than Japan in the key performance of anti-dropping ability. And relying on China's complete industrial chain, its cost is significantly lower than that of Japanese nuts. Once The market had a considerable impact on Japanese nuts. After the successful research and development of domestic products, a large number of domestic companies began to purchase domestic nuts. Japanese companies were forced to drastically reduce the prices of their products to compete with Chinese domestic nuts.

Nowadays, a batch of new high-speed railways represented by China Fuxing has been fully replaced with domestic nuts, which not only reduces costs but also improves technical safety, which effectively guarantees the development of China's high-speed railways, but in fact, Japanese products have not been completely expelled from China. In the market, nuts produced in Japan are still used by many Chinese companies, but at this time they will no longer pose any threat to China.

After possessing the technology to produce it and breaking the Japanese monopoly, Japanese nuts are only a commodity for China. It is completely market behavior for Chinese companies to choose which country to produce nuts.